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The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Santiago, Chile is now showing the group exhibition Bajo Presión until 18 January 2015:

Artists Ulrike Kuchner (AT), Iara Freiberg (BR), Ana Teixeira (BR), David Khang (CA), Claudia Vásquez (CL), Javier Soria Vazquez (AR), Katarina Veldhues (DE) and Gottfried Schumacher (DE) show their work, selected by Claudia Vásquez.

w o r k    w i t h    e p o x y    r e s i n
p a i n t i n g   o n    p r i n t e d    s p e c t r a    a n d  X-r a y    i m a g e s

w o r k   o n   p a p e r

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GLOBART has asked me to contribute to their first GLOBART talk in the Vienna Secession on November 11, 2014.

The GLOBART TALKS are meant to be a multidisciplinary series of talks in which ideas for a successful life will be presented and discussed. Artists, philosophers, designers and ecologists from all over the world ponder the idea of how a “proper life” could actually look like in the future.

Please find the published video on my ‘MOVIES’ page and follow this link for photos of the event: